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Meaning; Doing a bit, inspiring people to get out there and do a bit.

Don’t always follow others, be inspired by each other to get out there and do whatever it is that YOU enjoy and whatever it is that makes you happy and share that with the world... 

Inspire yourself and the world will be inspired. Respect what it is that’s different in each other. Push yourself just that little bit further each time. Whether it’s gym, sports, work, bringing up a family, helping others, bettering yourself or relaxing on a well deserved holiday it doesn’t matter what it is we are all out there doinabit in life!!!

Our Logo

The logo represents the fist bump and the encouragement and respect in that small but grand gesture.

It also represents the World and bringing everyone together from all walks of life, backgrounds and interests together in enjoying, respecting and learning about how each person does their thing!

And last but not least!!!

Take your own glory!!!

Wear the brand but make it your own!!!



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